Color Plate Table of Contents

    Pests of Asparagus and Beans

      Asparagus beetle and larva.
      Beet armyworm.
      Cowpea curculio.
      Leaffooted bug.
      Leafhopper damage to beans.
      Limabean vine borer and gall.
      Mexican bean beetle with larva, pupa, and eggs.
      Saltmarsh Caterpillar.
      Stink bug nymph and adult.

    Pests of Cole Crops

      Cross-stripped cabbageworm.
      Cross-striped cabbageworm damage.
      Imported cabbageworm.
      Cabbage aphids.
      Harlequin bug.
      Harlequin bug nymphs and damage.
      Cabbage looper and cabbage maggot.
      Flea beetles and damage.
      Diamondback moth and larva.

    Pests of Celery, Cucurbits and Corn.

      Black swallowtail and parsleyworm.
      Young pickleworm.
      Mature pickleworm.
      Pickleworm damage to cantaloupe.
      Squash bug and eggs.
      Squash vine borer.
      Black cutworm.
      Corn earworm.
      Fall armyworm.

    Pests of Corn and Okra.

      Corn earworm damage.
      Corn flea beetle and damage.
      European corn borer moth and borer.
      Seedcorn maggot on corn seed and on bean roots.
      Stalk borer on corn.
      Twospotted spider mites and webbing.
      White grub.
      Wireworm damage to corn.
      Yellowstriped armyworm on okra.

    Pests of Potato and Sweet Potato

      Colorado potato beetle and eggs and larva.
      Colorado potato beetles.
      Predaceous stink bug feeding on Colorado potato beetle larva.
      Southern armyworm on sweet potato.
      Sweet potato flea beetle damage.
      Sweet potato weevil.
      Tortoise beetles.
      Tortoise beetle damage to sweet potato.
      Wireworm and wireworm damage to sweet potato.

    Pests of Pepper and Tomato

      European corn borer in pepper.
      Pepper weevil.
      Tobacco hornworm on pepper.
      Greenhouse whiteflies and sooty mold on tomato.
      Tomato pinworm mines on tomato leaves.
      Tomato pinworm damage on tomato shoot.
      Tomato fruitworm moth.
      Tomato fruitworm in tomato.
      Vegetable leafminer damage on tomato leaf.

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