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INSECT and other
PESTS associated with

Some important, common and potential pests in the Southeastern United States

North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service AG-268

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Keys to Pests Associated with Turf and Their Damage

Insect Notes


Edited by:
James R. Baker, N.C. Agricultural Extension Service

Prepared by:
Ted S. Brook, Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service
Cathy Cameron Carter, N.C. Agricultural Extension Service
Patricia P. Cobb, Alabama Cooperative Extension Service
Clyde S. Gorsuch, Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service
Kelly R. Horn, North Carolina State University
Leon T. Lucas, N.C. Agricultural Extension Service
Ken Pinkston, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service
Dale K. Pollet, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service
Richard Price, Oklahoma State University
Robert L. Robertson, N.C. Agricultural Extension Service
R. A. Scheibner, Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service
Harry E. Williams, Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service

With the Collaboration of:
David L. Stephan, N.C. Agricultural Extension Service

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