Contributors: J.R. Baker, Extension Entomology Specialist; D.M. Benson, Plant Pathology, Professor; L.F. Grand, Plant Pathology, Professor; R.K. Jones, Extension Plant Pathology Specialist; M.A. Powell, Extension Horticulture Specialist; D.L. Stephan, Extension Entomology Specialist; J. Scott, North Carolina Department of Agriculture; H. Singletary, North Carolina Department of Agriculture


Rhododendron sp.

Azaleas offer a wide range of size, form and color, and can be used a specimen plant accents or as a mass planting. Flowering dates are from late March to late June, and both evergreen and deciduous types are available. Azaleas can be grown all across the state of North Carolina (Zones 6,7,8,9), but in order for these shrubs to grow, mature, flower profusely, and generally contribute to the total landscape, an understanding of the different kinds of azaleas, their culture, and environmental preferences is necessary.

Cultural Practices

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