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Photo Gallery of
Insects and Mites on
Ornamental Plants

The following images are from photographs taken by James R. Baker unless indicated otherwise.

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Altica flea beetle
ambrosia beetles - see Asian ambrosia beetle, and Xyleborus rubicollis
aphids feeding on birch
armored scales - see euonymus scale, gloomy scale, pine needle scale, tea scale, white peach scale
ash borer (lilac borer) damage to lilac stem
ash borer (lilac borer) entrance wound
ash borer (lilac borer) exit hole
Asian ambrosia beetles
Asian ambrosia beetle eggs
Asian ambrosia beetle grubs
azalea caterpillar, eggs
azalea caterpillar moth (hand maid moth)
azalea caterpillar, portrait
azalea caterpillars, young
azalea lace bug
azalea lace bug damage
azalea stem borer adult
azalea stem borer oviposition damage (drawing)
azalea stem borer larval damage


bagworm, female
bagworms, young larva
bagworms on shrub
bagworm damage on Leyland cypress
barklice on crapemyrtle
barklice, young
black soldier fly
black turpentine beetle grubs
black turpentine beetle pit tubes
bluewinged wasp
boxwood leafminer flies
boxwood leafminer galls
boxwood leafminer maggot
boxwood mite
boxwood mite egg
boxwood mite nymphochrysalis
boxwood psyllid adult
boxwood psyllid damage
boxwood psyllid nymphs
broad mite damage to begonia
broad mite damage to schefflera
broad mite female
broad mite eggs
buck moth caterpillar


cicada - see also 17-year cicada
cicada killer wasp
citrus red mite on lemon
citrus red mite egg on lemon
Colletes thoracicus, a ground-nesting spring bee
Colletes thoracicus nest
cool weather mites - see also boxwood mite, broad mite, cyclamen mite, southern red mite, spruce spider mite
corn earworm (brownish) on chrysanthemum
corn earworm (greenish) on chrysanthemum
corn earworm on snapdragon
corn earworm, young on rose bud
cottony maple leaf scale
cottony maple leaf scale dieback
cottony maple leaf scale young nymph
cottony scales - see cottony cushion scale, cottony maple leaf scale
cottony cushion scales with ovisacs
cottony cushion scale with sooty molds
cottony cushion scale crawler
cottony cushion scales, nymphs
cottony cushion scale damage to pittosporum.
cowkiller velvet ant
cyclamen mite damage to African violet
cyclamen mite damage to purple passion
cyclamen mite female


one of the dogday cicadas
dogday cicada hole
dogday cicada nymph emerging from hole
dogwood clubgalls
dogwood clubgall with maggots
Dryocosmus floridensis gall on red oak
dusky birch sawfly


eriophyid mites - see maple bladder gall mite, eriophyid mite damage, juniper tip dwarf mite, willow bladder gall mite
eriophyid mite damage, willow
euonymus scale on variegated cultivar
euonymus scale female
euonymus scale males
European corn borer
European corn borer moth
European corn borer frass
European corn borer pupa


fall webworms in webbing
fall webworm damage to pecan
fall webworm closeup
fall webworm, persimmon tree completely defoliated
fall webworm moth
fire ant - see red imported fire ant
flannel moth
flatid planthopper adults
flatid planthopper nymph
flatid planthopper sign
flatid, pale green planthopper adult
flatid pale green planthopper nymph
flea beetles - see Altica flea beetles
flower thrips adult
flower thrips damage


garden fleahopper damage to Melampodium
garden fleahopper female
garden fleahopper male
gloomy scale
gloomy scale, young
granulate ambrosia beetle - see Asian ambrosia beetle
green June beetle
greenstriped mapleworm eggs
greenstriped mapleworm portrait
greenstriped mapleworm pupae
greenstriped mapleworms, young


hackberry leafslug
Harmonia - see multicolored Asian lady beetle
hawthorn lace bug
hawthorn lace bug damage
hemlock woolly adelgid
hickory horned devil moth


impatiens necrotic spot virus
Indian wax scale
Indian wax scale crawler
Indian wax scale cameo stage
Io moth caterpillar
Ips pini - see southern pine engraver
introduced pine sawfly caterpillar


Japanese beetle, top view
Japanese beetle, side view
Japanese beetle on hibiscus
Japanese beetles on rose
Japanese grub
juniper scale insect
juniper webworm
juniper webworm moth
juniper webworm pupa
juniper webworm damage



lacewing, adult
lady beetle larva, Hyperaspis
larger elm leaf beetle and egg mass
larger elm leaf beetle damaged elm
larger elm leaf beetle larvae
leaf crumpler
lecanium scales - see oak lecanium scale
lesser canna leafroller caterpillar
lesser canna leafroller damage
lesser canna leafroller moth
lesser canna leafroller, tied leaf
lilac borer (ash borer) damage to lila stem
lilac borer entrance wound
lilac borer exit hole


magnolia scale, females
magnolia scale, males
maple eyespot galls
maple eyespot gall maggots
mole cricket
multi-colored Asian ladybeetle adults
multi-colored Asian ladybeetle larva
multi-colored Asian ladybeetle pupa


Nantucket pine tip moth
Nantucket pine tip moth, damaged bud closeup
Nantucket pine tip moth, damage


oak blotch leafminer damage on white oak
oak leafslug caterpillar
oak lecanium scale
oak lecanium scale crawlers
orangestriped oakworm eggs
orangestriped oakworm, portrait
orangestriped oakworms
orangestriped oakworms on small willow oak


peachtree borer moth, female
peachtree borer, damage
Pemphigus gall on poplar
Phylloxera, hickory
Phylloxera galls, hickory
Phylloxera galls, hickory, dried up
Phylloxera and eggs on hickory
pine bark adelgid adult & eggs
pine bark adelgid sign
pine bark adelgid, dense sign
pine engravers - see southern pine engraver
pine needle scale
pine needle scale crawler
pine needle scale eggs
pine spittlebug
pine spittlebug spittle
pine spittlebug nymph
Pityogenes hopkinsi entrance holes
planthoppers - see flatid planthoppers
poplar tentmaker
puss caterpillar
puss caterpillar moth (flannel moth)



red bay psyllid
redheaded pine sawfly caterpillars
redheaded pine sawfly cocoon
redheaded pine sawfly female
red imported fire ant worker
red imported fire ant mound
red imported fire ant range
regal moth
rhododendron borer larva
rhododendron borer moth rhododendron gall midge damage


saddleback caterpillar
sawfly caterpillar
sawfly female ovipositing
sawfly eggs
Scolia dubia
the seventeen year cicada
seventeen year cicada damage to twigs
seventeen year cicada damage to tree
soft scales - see cottony maple leaf scale, Indian wax scale, magnolia scale, oak lecanium scale, tuliptree scale
southern pine beetle
southern pine beetle galleries
southern pine beetle pitch tubes
southern pine beetle pupa
southern pine engraver entrance hole
southern pine engraver pitch tube
southern pine sawyer adult
southern pine sawyer adult feeding damage
southern pine sawyer grub
southern pine sawyer, closeup of grub
southern pine sawyer pupa
southern pine sawyer sawdust
southern red mites
southern red mite family portrait
southern red mite eggs
southern red mite eggs, close up
southern red mite injury to Japanese maple
spider mites - see boxwood mite, citrus spider mite, spider mite Tetranychus lobosus, southern red mite, spruce spider mite, twospotted spider mite
spiny oakslug - see the oak leafslug
spider mite, Tetranychus lobosus
spiny witchhazel gall aphid galls on birch
spiny witchhazel gall aphid, older galls on birch
spiny witchhazelgalls on witch-hazel
spruce spider mite
spruce spider mite egg
spruce spider mite damage
stinging caterpillars - see buck moth, Io moth caterpillar, puss, saddleback, stinging rose,
stinging rose caterpillar
sycamore lace bug
sycamore lace bugs


tarsonemid mites - see broad mite and cyclamen mite
tea scale
tea scale crawler
tea scale, male showing all four eyes
tea scale eggs
tea scales on Chinese holly
termite winged forms
termite workers
terrapin scale
tuliptree scale females
tuliptree scale young
twig girdler adult and damage
twig girdler adult, newly emerged
twig girdler damage
twig gildler egg
twig gildler grub, young
twig gildler pupa
twig pruner damage
twig girdler grub
twobanded Japanese weevil
twobanded Japanese weevil eggs
twobanded Japanese weevil grub
twolined spittlebug adult
twolined spittlebug adult on turf
twolined spittlebug adult on Japanese holly
twolined spittlebug damage to Japanese holly
twolined spittlebug damage to 'Burfordi' holly
twospotted spider mites on marigold
twospotted spider mites



vedalia lady beetle
velvet ant - see the cowkiller


walnut caterpillar moth (hand maid moth)
walnut caterpillar pupae
walnut caterpillars, large
walnut caterpillars, young
walnut caterpillars, molting mass
wax scale - see Indian wax scale
western flower thrips adults
western flower thrips on blue sticky card
western flower thrips on blue sticky card, closeup
western flower thrips damage: INSV
western flower thrips egg
western flower thrips first stage larva
western flower thrips second stage larva
wheel bug
wheel bug eggs
white peach scale
white peach scale with armor removed
willow bladder gall mite damage
wool sower gall
wool sower galls "seeds"


Xyleborus rubicollis ambrosia beetle


yellow jacket nest
yellowstriped armyworm


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