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INSECT and related

Some important, common and potential pests in southeastern United States.

Table of Contents


      Management and Control

      Cultural Control

        Resistant Varieties, Certified Seed and Pest-Free Transplants
        Good Management Practices
        Crop Rotation
        Cultivation, Weed Control and Sanitation
        Mechanical barriers
        Hand picking
        Parasites, Predators, and Diseases

      Chemical Control

        Types of Pesticides
        Spray Effectiveness
        Home Garden
        Commercial Vegetable Production
        Greenhouse Vegetable Production

    Keys to Orders and Groups of Insect and Related Pests

      Keys to Adults

      Keys to Immature Stages

        Blossom, Leaf and Fruit Feeders
        Stem Borers
        Root or Tuber-Feeding Pests

      General References

    Color Plates

    Pests of Asparagus

      Introduction and Key to Asparagus Pests

      Asparagus Insect Notes

        Asparagus Aphid
        Asparagus Beetles
        Asparagus Miner
        Beet Armyworm

    Pest of Beans and Peas

      Introduction and Key to Beans and Peas Pests

      Beans and Peas Insect Notes

        Bean and Cowpea Aphids
        Bean Leaf Beetle
        Cowpea Curculio
        Lesser Cornstalk Borer
        Limabean Vine Borer
        Mexican Bean Beetle
        Pea Aphid
        Seedcorn Maggot
        Twospotted Spider Mites

    Pest of Carrot

      Introduction and Key to Carrot Pests

      Carrot Insect Notes

        Aster Leafhopper
        Tarnished Plant Bug
        Yellow Woollybear

    Pests of Crucifers

      Introduction and Key to Crucifer Pests

      Crucifer Insect Notes

        Cabbage and Turnip Aphids
        Cabbage Looper
        Cabbage Maggot
        Cabbage Webworm
        Cross-striped Cabbageworm
        Diamond Moth
        Harlequin Bug
        Imported Cabbageworm
        Striped Flea Beetle
        Variegated Cutworm
        Vegetable Weevil

    Pests of Cucurbits

      Introduction and Key to Cucurbits

      Cucurbits Insect Notes

        Cucumber Beetles
        Garden Fleahopper
        Melon Aphid
        Pickleworm and Melonworm
        Squash Bug
        Squash Vine Borer

    Pests of Eggplant

      Introduction and Key to Eggplant Pests

      Eggplant Insect Notes

        Eggplant Flea Beetle
        Eggplant Lace Bug

    Pests of Lettuce

      Introduction and Key to Lettuce Pests

      Lettuce Insect Notes

        Green Peach Aphid
        Potato Aphid

    Pests of Okra

      Introduction and Key to Okra Pests

      Okra Insect Notes

        Japanese Beetle
        Stink Bugs and Leaffooted Bugs

    Pests of Onion

      Introduction and key to Onion Pests

      Onion Insect Notes

        Onion thrips

    Pest of Pepper

      Introduction and Key to Pepper Pests

      Pepper Insect Notes

        Pepper Maggot
        Pepper Weevil

    Pests of Potato

      Introduction and Key to Potato Pests

      Potato Insect Notes

        Blister Beetles
        Colorado Potato Beetle
        Flea Beetles
        Melanotus Communis
        Potato Leafhopper
        Potato Tuberworm
        Southern Mole Cricket
        Southern Potato Wireworm
        Tobacco Wireworm
        White Grubs

    Pests of Sweet Corn

      Introduction and Key to Sweet Corn Pests

      Sweet Corn Insect Notes

        Corn Earworm
        Corn Flea Beetle
        Corn Leaf Aphid
        Dusky Sap Beetle
        European Corn Borer
        Fall Armyworm
        Stalk Borer

    Pests of Sweet Potato

      Introduction and Key to Sweet Potato Pests

      Sweet Potato Insect Notes

        Small Fruit Flies
        Southern Armyworm
        Spring Rose Beetle
        Sweetpotato Flea Beetle
        Sweetpotato Hornworm
        Sweetpotato Weevil
        Tortoise Beetles
        Yellowstriped Armyworm

    Pests of Tomato

      Introduction and Key to Tomato pests

      Tomato Insect Notes

        Greenhouse Whitefly
        Tomato Pinworm
        Silverleaf Whitefly
        Vegetable Leafminer
        Western Flower Thrips


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Kenneth A. Sorensen
Extension Entomologist
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

James R. Baker
Extension Entomologist
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Prepared by
Cathy Cameron Carter, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
Kenneth A. Sorenson, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

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