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INSECT and related

Some important, common and potential pests in North Carolina.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service AG-271

Table of Contents


    Pest Control
      Natural and Biological
      Cooperative Control Efforts
      Pest Management
Keying Important Orders and Families
Key to Adults Important Orders and Families of Agricultural Pests
General Description of Orders and Families Keying Caterpillars Found in Field Crops
Key to Caterpillars Pests of Corn/Sorghum

Pests of Cotton

Pests of Forages and Pasture

Pests of Peanuts

Pests of Small Grains

Pests of Soybeans

Pests of Tobacco


Edited by:
Thomas N. Hunt, American Cyanamid Company
Formerly Extension Entomologist
North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service

James R. Baker
Extension Entomologist
N.S. Agricultural Extension Service

Written by:
Cathy Cameron Carter, N.C. Agricultural Extension Service
Thomas N. Hunt, N.C. Agricultural Extension Service
Daniel L. Kline, United States Department of Agriculture, Gainesville, Fla.
T.E. Reagan, Louisiana State University
W.P. Barney, Diamond Shamrock Corporation

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