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INSECT and related

Some important, common and potential pests in Southeastern United States.

Table of Contents



        Types of Pesticides
        When to Treat
        How to Treat
          Home Yard
          Commercial Landscape

      Nursery Industry Plant Inspection Program

        Plant Certification
        Other Quarantines
        Pests Regulated During Inspection

      Key to Orders and Groups of Pests

        Key to Adults
        Key to Immatures
          Blossom and Leaf Feeders
          Stem Borers
          Root Feeders

    Color Plates

    Insect Notes

    Azalea Pests

      Key to Azalea Pests

        Azalea Bark Scale
        Azalea Caterpillar
        Azalea Lace Bug
        Azalea Leafminer

    Boxwood Pests

      Key to Boxwood Pests

        Boxwood Leafminer
        Boxwood Psyllid
        Boxwood Spider Mite
        Japanese Wax Scale
        Twospotted Spider Mite

    Camellia Pests

      Key to Camellia Pests

        Camellia Scale
        Peony Scale
        Tea Scale

    Conifers Pests

      Key to Pests of Conifers

        Arborvitae Leafminer
        Balsam Twig Aphid
        Balsam Woolly Adelgid
        Eastern Spruce Gall Adelgid
        Introduced Pine Sawfly
        Juniper Webworm
        Nantucket Pine Tip Moth
        Pine Bark Adelgid
        Pine Needle Scale
        Redheaded Pine Sawfly
        Spruce Spider Mite
        White Pine Aphid

    Crape Myrtle Pests

      Key to Crape Myrtle Pests

        Crapemyrtle Aphid

    Dogwood Pests

      Key to Dogwood Pests

        Dogwood Borer
        Dogwood Clubgall Midge
        Dogwood Twig Borer
        Seedcorn Maggot

    Euonymus Pests

      Key to Euonymus Pests

        Euonymus Scale

    Gardenia Pests

      Key to Gardenia Pests

        Citrus Whitefly
        Melon Aphid

    Holly Pests

      Key to Holly Pests

        Native Holly Leafminer

    Ligustrum Pests

      Key to Ligustrum Pests

        Japanese Weevil
        Ligustrum Weevil
        Privet Rust Mite
        White Peach Scale

    Lilac Pests

      Key to Lilac Pests

        Lilac Borer

    Pyracantha Pests

      Key to Pyracantha Pests

        Apple Aphid
        Hawthorn Lace Bug
        Leaf Crumpler
        Woolly Apple Aphid

    Rhododendron Pests

      Key to Rhododendron Pests

        Black Vine Weevil
        Rhododendron Borer
        Rhododendron Lace Bug
        Rhododendron Tip Midge

    Rose Pests

      Key to Rose Pests

        Flower Thrips
        Fuller Rose Beetle
        Japanese Beetle
        Rose Aphid
        Rose Chafer
        Southern Red Mite


    Edited by:
    James R. Baker
    Extension Entomologist
    North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service

    Prepared by:
    Cathy Cameron Carter, North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service
    Kelly F. Horn, North Carolina State University
    Daniel Kline, United States Department of Agriculture, Gainesville
    James R. Baker, North Carolina State University
    John Scott, North Carolina Department of Agriculture
    Howard Singletary, North Carolina Department of Agriculture

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    David L. Stephan, North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service

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